Monday, September 28, 2009

A Tamil poem on Bhagavad Gita

This one has been going on in the back of my mind for a few weeks. Finally managed to close this around Saraswathi Pooja. Could not get the right "Sa" in the last para, purists please forgive me. I did start writing something about Saraswathi and Ayudha pooja but have not had the patience to complete it.

வேதம் நான்கின் சாறெடுத்து
உபநிடதங்கள் பொருள் சேர்த்து
எளிமையாக வழி வகுத்து
கண்ணன் தந்த ஆரமுது

ஆடைகள் போல் உடல் மாறும்
அழியாதது ஆன்மா என்று
அழகான விளக்கம் தந்த
அச்சுதனின் அறிவமுது

பக்தியென்றும் ஞானமென்றும்
மார்க்கங்கள் இருந்தாலும்
இவையேதும் அறியாத
பாமரமனும் முக்தி பெற
இனிமையான வழி சொன்ன
பரந்தாமன் பெரும் படைப்பு

பலனைப் பற்றி எண்ணாமல்
கடமை தன்னை செய்து வந்தால்
கண்ணன் அடி ஸேர்ந்திடலாம் என்று
புதுமையான பொருள் சொன்ன
வாசுதேவன் நற்படைப்பு

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life is all about ..

Life is all about living in the present. The past is always a comfort zone where one can hide. The future is something most of mankind cannot comprehend. Then how does one stay as fresh as a flower or the cool breeze or a spring? How does one carry on with changing generations, changing tastes, changing cultures?

Life is all about unlearning what one has learnt,learning what one has not learnt. Life is all about undoing what one has done, doing what one has not done.

Life is all about accepting change. Life is all about staying abreast with what is current.

Life is all about living in the present ..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Strange Caricature

I seemed to have caught Lord Shiva in an uncomfortable caricature like position. I am no cartoonist, so I thought I will describe what I saw. It appeared like he was trying to dance. Parvathy who had occupied half his body seemed to have decided not to cooperate. The third eye was open but it had lost fire. Ganga seemed to have changed course and was focussed on the lord immersing him in a shower. Maybe that had extinguished all the emanating flames from the third eye. The snake appeared to have lost itself enjoying the much awaited shower and was unknowingly strangling the lord slightly in his excitement. In my daze I forgot to take stock of the number of his hands but all of them seemed occupied somehow or the other. Just as I was trying to conclude that Lord Shiva seemed to be trying to balance too many things without making any compromise, I was startled by an irritating loud noise.

Shiva vanished just as he had come and there I was on my bed. I got up thinking of the strange dream and also the day ahead and the multiple things I would have to juggle. The form that I saw was definitely that of Lord Shiva but the face could be interchanged with any of the faces that I see in my day to day life. Aren't we trying to do too many things and struggling to strike a balance? The caricature I saw was that of a common man today. Don't ask me why I pulled Lord Shiva into this. I just narrated what I saw, but then isn't god supposed to be close to common man?