Saturday, February 25, 2012

King or Pawn?

Back to blogger after some years. I did import whatever I had written in facebook during this period, mostly Poems.

Life is similar to a game of chess. The rules are always defined by some unknown stranger. Everyone wants to be a king and thinks he can move in all directions. There is always someone above who treats him like a pawn and moves him in only one direction.

King or Pawn how does it matter? The rules are already set and the control is always with someone else!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

In search of "Me"!

When the clock
started ticking
I did not see
When I did see
It wasn't still
very late for me

My whole life till then
seemed like
a dream to me
There were so
many things
I had wanted
to be

My dreams within
the dream
had begun endlessly
Somewhere in
the middle
I had lost track
of me

The system had
slowly conditioned me
while my experiences
tamed the kid in me

I woke up from my sleep
life seemed new to me
Every day ahead
was a gift to me

To explore my interests
and be just me
I started again
In search of "Me"!