Sunday, November 25, 2007

From Dadagiri to Gandhigiri

I finally managed to see the movie Lage Raho Munna Bhai. A great movie with an excellent mix of humour and sentiment. On top of all this the film has a message! In fact it has been a long time since I last watched a Hindi movie till the climax.

Munna’s transition from Dadagiri in the first movie to Gandhigiri in the sequel has been handled very well by the director. Some Innovative ideas like Munna sending flowers to Lucky have been combined with some interesting sequences where Munna advices the common people on Gandhigiri through FM radio.

The movie has a message that Gandhism still is relevant and works magic. The movie has infact caught the attention of so many people all over the world. There have been several Munna style protests all over the world and so much talks on Gandhigiri.

The Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, has said, "I was heartened to see recently that back home in India the most popular movie this festival season is a film about a young man's discovery of the universal and timeless relevance of the Mahatma's message.

To me it was a good movie with a message that made me think about Gandhi’s ideals. It was really surprised to see so much material on Munnabhai and Gandhigiri when I searched wikipedia. Does this reflect the power of Wikipedia or Gandhigiri? I would say both.

Coming back to whether Gandhigiri works or not, I would say it is up to you to try out. My only advice is to make sure your enemies, competitors or customers don’t know about your experiment :-)

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