Saturday, January 5, 2013


Watched Prabhu Solomon's Kumki today. It is a different and interesting setting that the director has taken for the movie. After the Devar days, I think it is ages since a movie was made around an elephant and atleast I have not seen one with a mahout as the hero.

The movie definitely has a positives:

The hero and heroine are without doubt capable actors and hold promise for the future. The locations shot are really out of the world and there are moments where you pinch yourselves to check if you are not dreaming. It is definitely a wonder how some of these shots were taken, especially the ones near the two water falls. The director does deserve credit for effectively bringing out the innocence and simplicity in the life of the tribals. Thambi Ramiah, the national award winner for Mynaa, does a good job but somehow you are left with the feeling that he is given a few more scenes than required . It could be the success in the previous encounter that led to this but one does feel the over dose.

Inspite of all the above positives, the movie though good in shades leaves you with a feeling that it could have been better, that too considering the different setting there is a lot of potential which has sadly been left untapped. It definitely doesn't create an impact like Mynaa.

The director could have worked on the characterization of the hero and brought out his relationship with his uncle better. The movie would have been really crisp if the director had focussed more on the elephant. Somehow the elephant takes a back seat after the first 30 mins or so. That the hero puts the life of all his near and dear in jeopardy suddenly on seeing a girl is a bit difficult to accept. The graphics in the climax is shoddy and is better not spoken about.

Kumki is different and does get the viewer's attention several times but fails to hold it and create impact!

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