Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heaven Vs Hell

I cooked up this joke for my team. Inspiration was a Khushwant Singh joke on lawyers that I had read sometime back but I customized it for the scenario my team is used to.

God wanted to build a completely new IT stack to replace all his legacy systems and he wanted it to be a SOA based architecture. He floated a tender and there was heavy competition between heaven and hell. Finally God decided to give it to both because being god he was anyway never going to pay anyone and this option gave him a choice. Though he gave the project to both he was expecting heaven to do a better job than hell.

So heaven and hell were given the task of delivering the architecture in seven 90 day cycles. Unfortunately God was too much in touch with the latest and he wanted the development to be done in a completely Agile manner. He wanted to be involved throughout the development and wanted a working demonstration of software at the
end of each cycle.

God scheduled regular standup calls with both heaven and hell. Contrary to his perception he found that during the standups hell was presenting a very good status and painting a rosy picture while the status given by heaven was not at all up to expectations. Standup after Standup passed and God’s concern on Heaven increased and confidence on Hell also rose immensely.

Then came the day! The first cycle was over and it was time for the demo. God wanted Hell to go first. He found to his total disbelief that the application developed by Hell was pathetic and no where near the requirements. God moved on to heaven and was really surprised to find that heaven had developed a wonderful application meeting all his expectations.

God did a deep dive and found out why his perceptions during the life cycle were different from reality and he found out that ……

Heaven was full of developers and Hell was full of Project Managers!

I was just trying to be funny and wanted the majority to laugh. I had no hidden messages, though some people came up with a few! Reflections or Observations? I leave it to you to decide. Don’t hesitate to share your reflections (or observations) :-)


Janani said...

Reflections or Observations - I am not getting into it because I am definitely not a Freud or a Partha :-) What I can definitely say for sure is that you have a very good presence of mind to come up with a joke like that without preparation and an amazing sense of humour...

AGB said...

..and all this being a lead for the Project Managers of that particular IT platform!!!also this is called loLLs!!


Partha said...

Mr AGB, you are right but though I take Project management seriously I take myself lightly. This is ability to reflect not loLLs.