Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh fool brooding over thy past!

In a rare moment of inspiration, I translated a Tamil song by Subramanya Bharathi which starts with the words "Sendradhini meeladhu moodare", not word by word though! Don't get me wrong with the opening line if you just happened to be reflecting on your past.

Oh fool brooding over thy past!
Think not about the past for
What has gone is gone and
never will it return

Think you were born today
Live and enjoy every moment
Your sorrow will vanish and
never will it return

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Janani said...

Good work Partha.!! (Im sure you would have written this million times to your team and im honoured to write these words for you ;) :)) When I started reading this, I didnt remember the original lines of this kavidai..But your translation was so superb that it reminded me the poem line by line..Keep translating..!!!