Monday, October 27, 2008

Some musings on Life

I was chatting with one of my friends who for some strange reason has "Strange are the ways of life" appended to his id. In a rare moment of inspiration based on this I shared some thoughts on life. This is what I said to him.

"Life is a sly criminal that can make you cry and at the same time have the audacity to laugh at you. It stops laughing only when you learn to laugh back at it."

This came in a flow, don't really know why! Not that I am in a bad situation crying

I was in a circus last week with my daughter. There was an event with horses running around performing tricks. I didn't see the horses but only saw some familiar faces from my workplace running around and a few familiar faces again from my workplace as the ring master. I am sure you will agree that most of the typical managers are ring masters who tame their people and make them run around according to their whims and fancies. When someone is different and he doesn't fall in line he is whipped.

In one way even life is a ring master. It conditions you and makes you run around ..

What is your opinion about life?


Janani said...

I guess each person is the ring master of his own life. It is the individual who governs his life and decisions most of the time..What say?

Partha said...

I think that is only for few people who have something called spine .. Most of the people are just horses and the ring master is someone else ..