Thursday, January 1, 2009

Life is a matter of choice

Life is always a matter of choice.

Take something as simple as buying a donut for a pound. Do you want Sugar or Cinnamon? Do you need a topping? Chocolate or Strawberry? Phew.. Imagine a trip to Starbucks. Mocha .. Regular, Tall or Grande? With Cream? Decaf?

Life is all about choice.

Should you sit and stare at the monitor or Should you go home and spend time with your little one?

Should you align to your boss and take nonsense or Should you stand firm and confront him when he is wrong?

Should you sit back and watch the present become past or Should you step ahead and create the future?

Should you stay in touch and keep abreast or Should you shut yourself up and live in the past?

Should you note down an idea and share it with others or should you just let it go?

Should you post a comment for this post or should you choose to remain silent?

Life is all about choice.. Life is all about decisions.. starting from small things to big things. We take decisions every moment, we falter every moment but then we learn and continue.

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Janani said...

Lovely post. I guess everyone in general love to crib about not having quality time to spend with family/Boss being very demanding etc. The reality is that everyone has a choice but dont want to exercise them. You have brought that out beautifully in your post.