Friday, January 23, 2009

Rain Rain don't go away

It has been raining for the past few days here. Rain always reminds of a few fond memories. Some happy moments that I have got embedded in my mind and associated with rain maybe in the subconcious mind.

My attempts as a child to make a paper boat float on the water collected on the road outside, futile attempts I should say but all the same fulfilling and unforgettable.

A cold rainy day in Bangalore in the 1980's spent visting all the parks that Bangalore is famous for, amazed at the beauty of the vast greenery around.

A joyous ride on a rickshaw along the marina beach on a windy day, protected by a plastic sheet hanging from the top but yet fully drenched, returning to home early because of a cyclone warning. What a wonderful feeling it is, as a child, to return early from school, that too unexpectedly.

Rain also reminds me of one particular place, a city that I have visited quite often, Belfast. Belfast greets me with rain almost everytime.

I have seen several people associate rain with something negative but I simply adore rain.That's why I feel Belfast welcomes me with rain. I know that on the contrary few other people would have dismissed it saying that the city cries whenever they happen to visit.

I have heard some people call the rain as the collective tears of all the gods above. Well it could be true in one way because Gods if they did exist must be definitely be unable to bear what man has done to the earth that they created. However even if rain was a god sent thing, I would call rain as showers of blessings from God to prevent the earth they created from being destroyed by mankind.

Rain is poetic. The sound of water lashing on the floor, the smell of wet sand floating in the air, buildings and trees soaked in water. buses floating on roads like big boats, the happy faces of children relieved at the prospect of not having to go to school, the sight of a rainbow stretched across the sky in all its splendour. These are unquestionably beautiful sights to see.

I hate the nusery rhyme "Rain Rain go away". I am sure it must have been written by someone with a very negative mindset. It is unfortunate that the song is so popular and is taught to all young children. Rain beyond doubt is something that should be enjoyed. Imagine how nice it would be to get drenched completely in rain. Unmindful the of the duties to be carried the next day, the attendance to school or office, the meeting that cannot be missed, unmindful of falling ill. I have always wanted to do it but have never done it so far. Maybe I will do it sometime soon.

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Janani said...

Good one. I used to think that you were quite poetic in your MIT days. Guess you are back in the same mode now. Wonder what the inspiration is now?! :-)