Sunday, January 11, 2009

Life - A Poem

I woke up with this poem half formed in my mind today.

In my dreams ..

I am free like a bird
and soar higher and higher
I walk up great stages
and receive awards
I deliver big speeches
and get applauded

When I wake up ..

I am full of hope
and waiting for the new day
I am raring to go
and realise my dreams
I take up my tasks with
passion and perfection

I go to Sleep ..

Thinking of the day by gone
and the dreams far away
Brought to earth sometimes
by the absurd world
Dented or Polished but
my hopes still alive

This is my Life ..

I am like the waves that
keep coming to the beach
In pursuit of dreams that
one day I will reach
Sometimes high and sometimes low
relentless at heart all the same though

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