Saturday, January 10, 2009

An Ode to the regular readers of my blog

Day after day you
keep coming to me
With confidence and hope
you simply flatter me!

A semblance of sense that's
what you want to see
An year has gone by but I know
it is still not to be!

Blogger and Tiwtter are
tools that unleash me
Your fortune or misfortune
you certainly cannot flee!

I hail you oh reader my
heart goes out to thee
Do not stop coming you
are like the moon to me!


Janani said...

Lovely poem and very well written. Its a nice thought to write an ode to readers of your blog. A very unique thought but again its this uniqueness that makes your blog very interesting.

Janani said...

Just another note. You could have given a special mention to those guys who leave behind a comment/thought about the post. Dont you think its appreciable that readers let you know what they think ?? :)

Partha said...

maybe I should write a separate ode for the regular comment leavers.

Karthik said...

:) danke
and also another ode to the readers who click the ads, or may be u r planning to treat us once u get ur first cheque from google :)

AGB said...

and also to those readers who are being tortured to see the blog on a daily basis and ordered to give comments...


Partha said...

Tortured and ordered? Good imagination AGB.

I can see smoke coming from stomach and mouth :-) Pls call 999 for help.