Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sabha canteen chit-chats - 22/12

Thanks to our cook at home who didn't turn up due to some personal reasons, I had to eat out today.

Having managed Breakfast with an Oats bar, I was feeling really hungry after the morning concert. Lunch was at Gnanmibga at NGS. Gnanambiga is supposed to be the best Sabha place for tiffin but somehow I ended up at the wrong time. Most of the different items were not available at the time I went. Having decided to take tiffin, I ended up eating Onion Rava dosa and Idiyappam. They were tasty but nothing to really write about.

Dinner was at Parthasarathy Sabha. I decided to go for new items out and out. Chocolate dosa was first. It was a ghee roast laced with chocolate sauce. To be frank I had expected more innovation and more chocolate sauce but it was still tasty, made even tastier by "Kaadhal enum theevinile" sounding at a distance. The other item chosen was Double decker idly. This was a colourful set of idlies stuffed with Chutneys on one side. The taste was good and I finally washed it down with a strong filter coffee.

For company today, I was joined towards the end by an angry old man, who seemed to me to be Vishwamithrar without his Jadaamudi. He waited impatiently for a few minutes and was cross at the waiter for not even giving him a menu card. Then he asked for Masal Dosa which was not available, so he chose Adai Aviyal from the menu. The waiter returned after 5 minutes and said Adai was over which really irritated Mr.V. He really flared up and said, " get me coffee. Hope atleast that is available!". We both finished at the same time. Wonder who lost out. I thought the word angry was supposed to be associated with young men!

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