Friday, December 21, 2012

Simple things that make you uncomfortable

Sometimes even simple things make you uncomfortable ..

An unknown security at the office entry gate recognizing you with a smile and letting you in without asking for an ID card. The guy at the Pantry making coffee exactly the way you want without a word exchanged. Senior citizens on their morning work noticing you and acknowledging with a friendly nod. Finding yourself in an auditorium waiting for a concert to start and noticing that you are the only one in the audience with all teeth left. When most of your friends, that too the ones slightly younger than you, start talking about midlife crisis on social networking sites. Realizing that something you strongly like (like a movie) is neither to the taste of your daughter nor that of your father.

Sometimes even simple things make you uncomfortable.

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Janani said...

Good one Partha..loved the last 3 things especially..:)