Friday, December 21, 2012


We got a preview of the music academy canteen menu, thanks to one of our colleagues who was attending the morning free concert there. A very ordinary menu and continued divergence from Iyengar traditional food, which is the core competency of the caterer,  prompted us to go to PS (Parthasarathy Sabha). This was my first lunch at PS.

Having walked in directly without looking at the menu board, there was an element of surprise as the items were lined up one by one on the plaintain leaf. All the accompaniments took their positions on the leaf - Boondhi thayir Pachadi, Cabbage thengaai curry, senai kaara varuval, kathrikkai rasavaangi and Appalam. After the customary ghee and dhaal, the murungakkai and capsicum sambar was a good opening and the expectation set was high. Next up was the surprise package. Erivalli "More" Kozhambu was a real highlight and it was very tasty which only meant more and more Kozhambu and rice. The stomach was getting fuller but the tongue was really craving for more. While the More Kuzhambu was the Kalpana swaram, the Pachadi ,Varuval and kootu taken in turns maintained the layam. Thanks to the multiple helpings, there was not much space left for the mysore rasam, which had a good peppery taste to it and was quite good. The Kalyana Payasam was a revelation and it was exquisite in taste, giving a unique percussion effect, like in a Tani avartanam. Curd rice was with Puli Inji seemed like a fitting end to the lunch but the waiter came and tempted me with another helping of Payasam and I obliged.

The meal was complete with the Beeda tucked in and we moved out richer in calories and satisfaction deep down, after having tasted the best Sabha lunch till date. 

EPS at PS, was heavenly food , a mini concert in itself and a real treat to the taste buds. Packed with so many wonderful items, It gave the pleasure of listening to a delightful ragamalika :-)

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