Sunday, December 23, 2012

Priya Sisters at Parthasarathy Sabha

I reached a bit early for the Priya sisters concert on Sunday evening, with the idea of listening to Carnatica Brothers and I was glad that I did. They were just starting their main song, which turned out to be Abheri yet again and it was indeed "Bhajare Maansam" two days in a row.

This was my first Priya Sisters concert though I remember hearing them briefly on TV several years back. After the "Nera Nammi" varnam, and "Pancha maathanga mukha Ganapathi" which I later learnt from google is a regular at Priya sisters concerts, came two pleasing Tamil songs "Maalmuruga Shanmuga" and  "Arivaar yaar unnai arivaar yaar". The highlight of the evening, Tygaraja's "Enthara neethana", happens to be one of my favourites and it was presented to perfection and in detail, with niraval and swaram placed at "Seshudu shivunuki". The RTP which went like "Gowri manohari karunai puri", reminded me of the main song presented by TNS ,"Satya narayanam Upasmahe", but I have not been able to locate this song on google to confirm.

The Key aspect that stood out was a perfect coordination between the sisters, they knew their strengths very well and were making good use of it. Apart from that their selection of songs was also very good. It was a thoroughly professional performance and the tempo was maintained through out the concert.

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