Monday, November 17, 2008

Advertising through a Dabbawala

I came across this interesting piece of news on dabbawalas in mumbai. The news item claimed that Dabbawalas in Mumbai have started including pamphlets containing ads along with the lunch boxes they deliver.

I did a subsequent search on dabbawalas in wikipedia and google. I was reassured of the power of google and wikipedia. I wonder what will happen to me if I don't have wikipedia and google and at my service.

Google returned the information that dabbawalas have a website of their own. Here is the link

The site has this introduction which summarises it all

5000 Dabbawalas 200,000 Dabbas Six Sigma certified ISO 2000 certified

From the site it looks like advertising and dabbawalas have been going hand in hand for atleast a year. I came to know of this through NDTV only today.

It is not at all surprising that someone thought of using these dabbawalas for advertising. They have such a big network! Afterall even in this digital page connecting to people personally does matter.


Janani said...

I have heard about the strict six sigma procedures with Dabbawalas but came to know about the advertising aspect only after reading this. Wonderful idea.

Seeni said...

It was a news to me,so I googled on dabbawallas after reading this and found this interetsing say from a Dabbawalla in NYT
'There is a service called FedEx that is similar to ours — but they don’t deliver lunch,” :-)

Really a gr8 idea.