Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama vs Mccain!

The whole world is waiting for the results of the American presidential elections. The Press has gone all out to create a big hype that this is a historic election. This election is supposed to be historic no matter who wins and the media has collected lot of firsts .. The first African American president or the oldest president in first term or the first women Vice president and the list continues.. Obama or Mccain?

I am glad to say that I don't have any political leaning be it the US or India. This post has nothing to do with the elections, it is only about election sentiments!

You might have heard about the sentiment that Barrack Obama has. It seems he plays basket ball on the day of election. Apparently he has done so in the past and won and he didn't do a few times and lost. I heard on the news that he is going to find time to play basket ball today amidst his busy schedule.

Here is an article on the superstitions associated with some of the people who are part of the campaign.


The one that stands out is this:

"Barack Obama’s Ohio campaign manager Aaron Pickrell has neither shaved his face in a month nor has he shown up to the office without his Columbus Clippers baseball hat. Apparently he associated Obama’s uptick in the Ohio polls in late September with his personal hygiene and wardrobe choices at that time, so he kept the look."

As if that is not enough this article quotes another extreme case of compromise of personal hygiene for electoral sentiments which Aaron Pickrell has not been able to match.

Apparently James Carville, campaign manager for Bill Clinton in 1992 took a decision not to change his underwear for an extended period of time when things were going well for Bill Clinton.

Superstitions and Sentiments! Are we in the 21st Century?

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