Monday, November 24, 2008

A Nostalgic Weekend

I went through a nice romantic and nostalgic weekend. We just completed ten years of married life. That is what started all this. I went back 10 years down memory lane and recapped all the lovely moments over 10 years. I also reminded myself of all those nice Songs which appealed to me in those moments. I have added at least 15 videos to my Orkut profile and there are a lot of songs still left.

I have read in one of Stephen Covey’s books that every relationship should be associated with an emotional account something like a savings account. When you do some good things you get a credit and when you do something bad you get a debit. At the end of the day you need to have a positive balance to keep your relationship going.

My exercise with recapping songs has made me feel 10 years younger. I somehow feel like Marlon Brando feels in the movie “Don Juan De Marco” after meeting Johnny Depp, who thinks he is Don Juan de marco, the greatest lover in the world. The only difference is I have just met myself as I was ten years ago! Just in case you have not seen the movie Brando plays the role of a Psychiatrist who has the task of curing Johnny depp by the psychiatric sessions have an impact on Brando and rekindle romance in his otherwise mundane life.

While Ten years is a landmark to celebrate and be happy about, I feel it is time to unwind and start from scratch. It is time to start working on adding credits to the emotional account.

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Janani said...

Happy Anniversary..!! Your trip down the memory lane sure reminded of many beautiful songs that were part of your collection. (I was so naive that I did not realise that it was part of a gift) ;-)