Sunday, November 9, 2008

India's date with the moon

Chandrayaan has gone into lunar orbit today. A landmark in Indian history as India joins the exclusive club of only six moon farers in the world.

The moon plays a great part in everyone’s life. The attempts made to land on the moon and the different lunar missions over the years prove the fascination man has had for the moon. I am no different and I simply love the moon.

Enough has been said about the moon by poets and authors all over the world. I don’t know if I have anything different to say but I just wanted to write this post on the moon, thanks to the Chandrayaan and the team of ISRO scientists who launched it.

The moon has been a great source of inspiration for me and the relationship is longstanding right from the days my mom used to show me the moon to the recent days when I have shown it to my daughter. I always think of the moon when I am low on confidence thanks to some internal politics which has become a permanent factor in organisations these days. I like the moon’s attitude; it carries on just the same though it is masked by the sun for half the day. It vanishes completely and then rises from scratch to a full moon. The moon carries on pretty much the same, though how people see it differs thanks to some external factors like the sun. The moon goes to prove that everyone can get their turn and share of limelight just by being themselves. External things like internal politics are only short term and can’t mask someone for ever.

Sometimes I think of the sun as the hare and moon as the tortoise. Don’t you agree that the sun wastes all its energy trying to defeat the moon but ends up losing and moon surfaces finally as the winner! Have you ever heard of the sun inspiring poetry?
The sun reminds you of work, your duties. The moon lets you relax and unwind!

There is one other thing about the moon which makes it very close to me. I sometimes see some patterns that resemble some familiar faces. Thos familiar faces of so many people I have been associated with in life, through books, through their music, through poetry. Sometimes it is my mom, sometimes it is the Tamil poet Subramanya Bharathi and at times I see Jawaharlal Nehru smiling at me. Whatever be the face it has always been interesting to decipher. The moon not only reflects the sun's light, it seems to reflect my feelings as well.

The moon will always be a special part of my life. What is your experience with the moon?


anu said...

Impressive writeup.
I am amazed at the way you think and are able to express yourself.

anu said...

From Arjitha: This was a very long post and it was very nice. I liked the part that talks about the faces seen in the moon.

Partha said...

Thanks my dear baby for typing this yourself. Best compliment I could ever get

Janani said...

Lovely post and as always your refined thinking reflected in the same. Loved Baby's comment :-)
Waiting for your next post.

Anonymous said...

I was quite thrilled when Chandrayaan's MIP landed on the moon. Quite and accomplishment for india. I agree with the politics part but the work of ISRO inspite of such circumstances is commendable. Personally I see the moon with complete awe. Nowadays I am beginning to imagine the MIP on the moon which fills my heart with pride. Keep writing...

Partha said...

Yes Sri S. It is definitely a proud moment for every Indian. The politics I was referring to is not related to ISRO or Chandrayaan. It is the internal politics at my work place and yours.