Saturday, November 22, 2008

Second Life

I was introduced to a Second life by my good friend A.G.B. Now don’t let your imagination run wild. It is not a new habit or a real new world that A.G.B has introduced me to.

Second life is a website.

You need to register yourself and download an application and Voila, you are all set to explore a new world.

This new world is a 3D virtual world where you can just let your imagination run wild and create things, things that you wanted to but could not do easily in real life! You can choose your own avatar, build houses, conduct events, meet people, build relationships and so on and on an on. The possibilities seem to be endless. In fact you can even convert your real money into virtual money for this world through some websites and conduct business here. You can fix a price for your creations and make other people pay when they use it. Well there is no escaping from money even in a virtual world!

If you have watched the Tamil movie Anniyan, it might sound to you like th website Anniyan.Com shown in the movie. Well there are similarities, the purpose of this virtual world is to satisfy people’s alter ego in one way. Ambis can definitely become Remos in this virtual world and roam around as Romeos. However I don’t know what kind of an experience it will be to fall and love in a virtual world! Also don’t know if Ambis can become Anniyans and go around killing people. (For the benfit of those who don't know Anniyan or find the names Ambi, Remo and Anniyan strange, Anniyan is a Tamil movie on split personality. Ambi is the soft hero who sometimes becomes Remo a modern romantic guy to impress his lover and becomes Anniyan at times and goes around killing all the bad people he meets as Ambi)

One of the good things about second life that I liked is that you can fly. Yes “You can fly, You can fly, You can fly” as in Peter Pan’s Neverland but without pixie dust. Even before going into the experiences, it really feels different when you have to choose a name for your avatar. Yes, you cannot retain your real life name in second life.

The concept behind Second life is interesting. Imagine you had the opportunity to have a real second life. Where would you start? What all would you do? Would you approach life the same way or would you try and correct your mistakes? Second life helps you have a preview of this.

I didn’t have enough patience to explore this world. May be one of you has and will come back with some more stories and things that can be done which I have missed out.

If this post prompted you to try out Second life, do let me know your experiences with Second life and more importantly don’t forget to thank my good friend AGB.

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Janani said...

I did try second life based on your recommendation. I too did not graduate beyond the elated feeling of flying high. I guess it might get addictive once you get a hang of it.